SILVERBACK COFFEE OF RWANDA is making headlines! Take a look at what people are saying about us.

"Java drinkers; SILVERBACK COFFEE OF RWANDA is ridiculously tasty, and it supports organizations that build schools in Rwanda and provides services to widows and orphans as a result of the genocide. They also improve the quality of care and growth of the native endangered silverback gorilla, and their product can be traced to the farms where it's grown, to ensure fair wages and proper treatment of workers. Now that's a way to start the day."
The full article was featured on GirlieGirl Army; e-zine. Visit their web site:
"Jack created Silverback Coffee of Rwanda, a leading importer of the finest coffee from the five coffee growing regions of the African nation. He prides himself on being able to trace each bag of coffee back to the farm where it was grown to ensure that fair trade is being practiced and that farmers and their workers are being treated well. His goal is to help the Rwandan farmers realize their value in a global economy."
Read the full article from Spin It here:
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