The Perfect Cup

What makes the perfect cup of coffee?

Want a Perfect Cup?
Water is 98% of a coffee brew; therefore choose it well. Chemicals added for water treatment like chlorine should be extracted whenever possible.
Storing Your Coffee
Keep your beans away from moisture, heat and oxygen. Storing your coffee in a cool, dry place keeps it fresh. We at Silverback Coffee of Rwanda™ always keep our coffee in bean form and store it in an air tight canister, in a cool dark pantry away from direct sunlight and heat. Never freeze or refrigerate your coffee - doing so will cause your coffee to become stale and your coffee will lose its fresh flavor, and will quickly deteriorate.
The Right Grind
No matter how much coffee you're making, the goal should be a fresh grind to be brewed within four minutes. Coffee tastes best when ground just before brewing. Avoid mixing overly fine or overly coarse grinds. If this happens, check your blade for build up.
Perfect Measurement
(Home blade style grinder)
Plunger / Press Pot Drip Espresso Maker
Coarse Medium Fine; powder-like
15-20 seconds 20-40 seconds 40 seconds
Suggested Proportions
Half Gallon (64oz of Filtered Water) = 4oz of Coffee
Gallon (128oz of Filtered Water) = 8oz of Coffee
Gallon & Half (192oz of Filtered Water) = 12oz of Coffee
  Serve immediately or transfer into a thermal flask; storing in a flask can keep the coffee fresh for up to five hours.
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